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Cunningham Brothers

Cunningham Brothers (CBAP) is a major automotive recycler from Rustburg, Virginia. In addition to our role as a local automotive recycler, we sell experienced parts, cores, and find automotive parts solutions for our corporate connections including automotive OEMs and their dealers, commercial and municipal fleets, and extended warranty coverage and insurance companies.

Cunningham Bros. operates multiple salvage yards in the mid-Atlantic region as well as other ancillary businesses in the United States. Through mastering inventory sharing and data tiering, we are able to process the majority of our parts out of a few facilities while being able to drive business through all other locations. This has been instrumental in increasing efficiencies and maximizing profitability through all locations.

To better support the automotive manufacturers, suppliers and dealers, CBAP has developed their Experienced Parts Division (EPD). EPD’s contact center is a key point of contact for their client’s needs.

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