Limited Warranties

Free 30 Day Parts Limited Warranty

If the part is defective, you may return it and we will either repair the part or replace it with another used one (like kind and quality) or give you your money back (whichever we deem best), If your part does not work properly, all parts have this protection as a minimum, unless noted otherwise, in this document or notices attached to the part. No Labor.

“Silver” 6 Month Extended Parts Limited Warranty

Same as 30 days except, it is for 6 months. No Labor.

“Gold” 1 Year Extended Parts Limited Warranty

Same as 30 days except, it is for 1 year. No Labor.

“Platinum” 3 Year / 100,000 Extended Parts and Labor Limited Warranty

Same as 30 days except, it is for 3 years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first) from purchase date and we will pay in case of a defect, labor in the amount in this paragraph.

“Platinum” Warranty option carries labor warranty on Engines, Transmissions, transfer case and axle assemblies of $50/hour based on Mitchell book repair time, The labor warranty is limited to a total lifetime maximum amount payable on labor of $700, all other components not listed in this paragraph, carry a labor warranty limited to a lifetime maximum of 50% of the “actual purchase price”. The “actual purchase price” is the price paid, less any discounts, or negotiations, which reduce the price in any way and less any shipping costs

Each of the limited warranties above has these elements in common:

A. Customer VIN number provided, and owner name must match vehicle at inspection of warranty claim and correct mileage on vehicle must be documented at time of sale.

B. The Limited Warranties only extends to internally lubricated parts and the housing on drive train parts. It does not cover bolt on parts, manifolds, fuel injections, oil pans, brackets, water pumps, flywheels, sensors, wires, ignition, gaskets, seals, etc.

C. Abuse of the part will void all the seller’s warranties. Racing on the street, or professionally, or as an amateur, or demolition derbies are automatically an abuse of the part. Improper installation or abusive usages are also abuses of the part. Overheating also voids this warranty. We reserve the right to be the determiner of the condition of the part when returned (at sellers’ sole discretion) and this includes determining if there has been an abuse of the part. Use of the part in any manner except its intended use will void any of sellers Limited Warranties on the part and the part will be nonrefundable. All Limited Warranties are null and void in the case of off-road modifications or use, racing, or performance modified vehicles, neglect, lack of maintenance, accident, fire, or collision, all of which will void all rights of purchaser under the Limited Warranties to return the part or receive compensation for labor under the “Platinum” Limited Warranty. This includes tuners, larger turbos, and injectors in diesel engines. Tires larger than manufacturer specification may also void transmission warranty.

D. This Limited Warranty is NON-TRANSFERABLE, except if you are a licensed used car dealer, own the vehicle, and repair the vehicle for resale, and sell the vehicle within 1 year. This Limited Warranty is not transferable after the first sale by the licensed used car dealer to a purchaser.

E. Verbal representations, made by any person, contrary to the provisions of this Limited Warranty, shall not be binding.

F. In the event the part is not defective and the purchaser desires to return it and does so within 5 days from purchase date, the company may, in its sole judgment and discretion accept the item back for return and give a refund less twenty five percent (25%) of the “actual purchase price” for labor, shipping and handling. Electrical parts are only returnable if defective.

G. The parts are used parts; they are sold in the condition they are in (as is- with all faults). We are not responsible for any personal injury or property damage as a result of defects in the parts. You must examine the parts yourself as you are responsible for injury to yourself, or others, or for the property damage regarding the parts purchased and you will indemnify us for any costs, or liabilities, including attorney fees, even if the defect causing the injury or damage is not apparent. Seller states that he in no way guarantees or warrants used merchandise for apparent, or non-apparent safety hazards and seller affirmatively states that the part or parts sold may have safety hazards, apparent or non-apparent.

H. If the defect causes other damage (personal or property) we are not responsible) no incidental or consequential damages). Sorry, but this means, among other things, that we will not pay for rental cars or towing or loss of use, property damage or personal injury liability, or damage to other parts, or any other incidental or consequential damages of any kind

I. Engines must be turned over by crankshaft in normal clockwise rotation (if standing in front of the engine) a minimum of 2 full rotations before installation with spark plugs removed before installation.


Any engine with a timing BELT that has more than 50,000 miles you must replace it with a timing belt kit (includes belt and tensioners) Customer’s responsibility to record all receipts of parts/install of this. Timing chains are exempt.

Customer’s responsibility to replace all serviceable parts such as following (Customer’s responsibility to record all receipts of parts/install of this)

A. Rear main seal

B. Any belts or hoses

C. Spark plugs (to be gapped to OE spec)

D. Fuel filters air filter oil filter (OE recommended type)

E. Fluids such as oil and antifreeze replaced with OE recommended types

F. New thermostat

K. All Dodge 3.7,4.7,5.7 engines can NOT re-use the original intake on replacement engine. The failure in these engines put metal debris in intake that cannot be flushed out.


A. Customer must replace all filters, pump and output seals and pan gasket on automatic transmissions

B. Clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, and external seals must be replaced on manual transmissions

C. All transmission coolers must be FLUSHED or REPLACED by the standards of the manufacturer’s guidelines.

D. All programming required at installation must be documented.

E.CVT transmissions require Factory approved fluid ONLY for specific models as well as programming. All CVT transmissions requiring Dealer Adaptive Learn Programming done at install MUST HAVE RECEIPT SHOWING THIS PROCEDURE.